Onsite Consulting & Training Days

Tired of sending your employees to offsite training events?

You know that you need to keep your employees’ skills up to date in the fast-changing world of online marketing. But after sending them to offsite events you are not sure of the payback that your organization gets in return.

Some marketing conferences and offsites can be very valuable, but all of them come with severe drawbacks:

  • Unknown and variable quality of the presenters on the agenda
  • No opportunity to get in-depth questions answered
  • Content is not always applicable to your specific situation
  • Conference registration costs (per person)
  • Travel, hotel, and food allowance (per person)
  • Lost productivity and salary costs during travel time
  • Disruption to personal lives and impact on employee families
  • Difficulty in spreading learnings from attendees to the rest of your team

World-class marketing training & consulting at your offices!


Google London – Onsite day (2009)

What if you could have the following experience?

  • A world-class expert and top-rated international keynote Tim Ash personally delivering the training
  • An agenda customized to your needs (a mix of training, consulting, strategy & executive coaching)
  • Maximum impact without incremental costs (whether there are five or fifty people on your team)
  • Personal and interactive (in-depth Q&A and consulting on your specific projects)
  • Copies of Tim’s bestselling Landing Page Optimization book for each member of your team
  • Record the whole day for future employee on-boarding or reference

For the price of sending a couple of employees to an offsite event you could have massively more impact by having Tim Ash conduct an onsite day at your location! You can arrange onsite days in one-day increments for $15,000 (this includes a full day onsite, round-trip travel time, and business-class expenses in the U.S. and Canada – please inquire about fees for other international locations). You can discuss and customize an agenda that fits your needs for each onsite day. Dozens of leading companies including Google (at 6 worldwide locations), Facebook, Expedia, and Shutterstock have benefited immensely from onsite marketing training & live consulting.

What’s the next step?

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Bring the expert to your company for a full day of learning and value!

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