Onsite Marketing Training

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Are you a marketing leader or senior executive responsible for online growth?

If so, chances are you do not get much sleep. You are busy trying to hit ambitious stretch goals for your marketing activities, while leading marketing employees, overseeing expensive campaigns, and trying to keep up with the latest in technology and tools.

Your only advantage is the quality of your marketing team, but they need to keep their edge…

Train your whole team without leaving your office!

Who will benefit from this training:

  • Marketing executives & managers
  • Online marketers
  • Graphic designers
  • Web developers
  • User experience specialists
  • SEO/SEM specialists
  • Content & social media creators
  • Direct-response copywriters
  • Affiliate managers
  • Email & marketing automation specialists

Tim Ash talks about the Onsite Marketing Training


Also available as a VIRTUAL TRAINING over two half days!

Stop sending your marketing staff to conferences!

You know that you need to keep your employees’ skills up to date in the fast-changing world of online marketing.

Most conferences come with severe drawbacks:

  • Variable quality of the presenters on the agenda
  • Content is not applicable to your specific situation
  • High conference registration costs
  • Extra travel, hotel, and food allowance expenses
  • Lost productivity and salary costs during travel time
  • Disruption to personal lives & impact on employee families
  • Difficulty in spreading learnings to the rest of your team

When your people come back from conferences, they may have fun stories and some new friends, but the long-term value to your company is not clear.

World-class marketing training at your offices!

Google London – Onsite Marketing Training

The perfect way to train your marketing team!

What if you could have the following experience?

  • Top-rated international keynote & author Tim Ash personally delivering the training
  • Based on practical experience that created $1,200,000,000 in value for agency clients
  • Powerful learning with immediate application to your business
  • No incremental costs (whether there are five or fifty people on your team)
  • Copies of Tim’s bestselling Landing Page Optimization book for each attendee
  • The right to video record the whole day for future employee on-boarding or reference

Dozens of leading companies including Google (at 6 worldwide locations), Facebook, Expedia, and Shutterstock have benefited immensely from onsite marketing optimization training delivered personally by Tim.

For the price of sending a couple of employees to a conference,  you could have massively more impact by having Tim Ash conduct an Onsite Marketing Training at your location! All of this for a flat fee of only $15K (including a full day onsite, round-trip travel time, two nights hotel, and business-class travel expenses in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico). If you would like to conduct your training virtually over two half-day sessions, the fee is only $7.5K.

Funded start-up companies that are not yet profitable are eligible for a discounted onsite flat fee of $10K, and a virtual fee of $5K if they are referred by one of their VC investors.  Please inquire about fees for international locations outside of North America. 

Customized agenda – applied to your business!

The Onsite Marketing Training is a full day of learning and applying the knowledge to your business.

Choose your custom agenda from the topics below, and decide who attends each module:

  • Introduction to conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Neuromarketing & unconscious persuasion
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of web conversion
  • Customer journeys – key user segments and tasks
  • Conversion in the sales funnel – awareness, interest, desire, action
  • The user-centered website redesign process
  • Mobile conversion framework
  • Ecommerce best practices
  • Online wizards and guided experiences
  • The four pillars of building trust online
  • Branding versus direct response
  • Why your content marketing is failing & how to fix it

Apply it to your business:

  • Focusing on your specific business issues
  • Interactive group exercises
  • Q&A and guided discussion

Each attendee will also receive a personalized and signed copy of Tim’s Landing Page Optimization book as a reference.

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Also available as a VIRTUAL TRAINING over two half days!


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