Marketing Optimization Strategy

Is this for me?

Your business is increasingly dependent on the online channel for growth and profitability.

You are in danger of being left behind by more nimble and tech-savvy competitors.


Ready, Fire, Aim!  – Don’t confuse activity with a proper strategy…

Do any of the following describe your company’s online activities?

  • Living in a state of disruptive turmoil
  • The pace of change forces reactive decisions to be made quickly
  • Increasingly dependent on online marketing for sales and leads
  • Implementing multiple major online initiatives
  • Have a weak innovation and experimentation culture
  • Do not have a complete digital marketing team
  • Are relying on outdated or inflexible marketing technologies
  • Top executives are not “digital natives”

Stop trying to do it all in-house!

The costly mistakes that you are likely to make are based on your insider perspective. You are inevitably biased by your company’s past trajectory, culture, and your personal organizational objectives.

As a result, you will waste valuable time, needlessly squander limited resources, and still end up in the wrong place.

Most in-house attempts to create an optimization strategy fail:

  • Siloed operation and poor communication
  • Compromises based on committee thinking
  • Lack of experience in developing digital strategy
  • Inability to properly measure key online activities and their value
  • Lack of senior executive understanding or buy in
  • Short-term thinking preventing proper investment in systems and processes
  • Focus on internal company needs and not on those of potential prospects or client

Get a full Marketing Optimization Strategy for your company!

Tim Ash’s agency work has resulted in over $1,200,000,000.00 in documented value for past clients. 

His proven process can be applied to your company in a hard-hitting two week format.

Here is how it works:

  • Onsite Day 1 – Focus on the customer experience
    • Interactive site walkthrough & review (recorded on video)
    • Review of important traffic campaigns, audiences & landing pages
    • Review of web analytics & performance tracking
    • Interviews with customer service and account reps
    • Review of automated emails sent out
    • Discussions about post-transaction & return processes
  • Onsite Day 2 – Focus on your company
    • Company history & evolution of the online channel
    • Understanding of competitive landscape & positioning
    • Key industry trends and competitive pressures
    • Business model & company goals
    • Internal capabilities – team, technology, culture
  • Comprehensive Marketing Optimization Strategy Report (delivered 2 weeks after onsite)
    • Tactical website recommendations for immediate fixes
    • Key segment definition & content gaps in the customer journeys
    • Scorecard of company optimization capabilities (user experience, people & skillset, tools & technology, tracking & measurement, culture)
    • Definition of strategic optimization initiatives & prioritization with the client
    • Introductions to appropriate vendors and outside resources

The Marketing Optimization Strategy engagement requires active involvement from your senior marketing executives during portions of the onsite days, and for the delivery of the final report. Approval by Tim is needed after an introductory discussion with your senior marketing executives. The required investment for the Marketing Optimization Strategy engagement is $30K (including a two full days onsite, round-trip travel time, three nights hotel, and business-class travel expenses in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico).

VIRTUAL OPTION: If you would like to conduct your Marketing Optimization Strategy virtually (with the two onsite days replaced by four half-day remote sessions), the fee is only $20K.

The Marketing Optimization Strategy can also be combined with an extra Onsite Marketing Training day to quickly get your marketing staff up-leveled and on the same page.

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Also available as a VIRTUAL ENGAGEMENT over four half days!

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