Tim Ash – Experienced Virtual Event Keynote Speaker

Tim has deep background in presenting on live and pre-recorded video and audio virtual events. He is comfortable with all of the equipment and major virtual event platforms. He is a disciplined professional aware of your needs as an event organizer and his goal is to make a massive impact on your audience. If you want an experienced virtual event speaker, Tim makes it easy!


Virtual event background

  • Live virtual events – Keynoted or presented at over 200 virtual events with audiences sizes of up to 50,000 people
  • Webinar host – Tim has hosted over 75 webinars as a moderator and MC
  • Podcast host – Recorded over 130 interview-style podcasts on the Landing Page Optimization podcasts on WebmasterRadio.fm
  • Video course recording – Professionally recorded in-person translated workshop courses for leading universities
  • Audiobook narration  – Professionally recorded and mastered the audio for the Unleash Your Primal Brain audiobook
  • Past conference chair & organizer – Tim founded and chaired the Digital Growth Unleashed (formerly Conversion Conference) event series for ten years in the US and Europe, and knows what it takes to make complex multi-track live events run from the organizer perspective.


Equipment List

  • Lighting – Interfit F5 – Professional dual softbox lighting system
  • Microphone – Your choice: Blue Yeti – condenser mic, or Audio Technica ATR2100 dynamic mic
  • Camera – Logitech Brio – 4K webcam
  • Background – Green-screen available for custom branded backgrounds
  • Computer & Monitors – Windows 10 PC with dual 4K monitors.
  • Internet connection – Dedicated fiber-optic connection – approximately 1000Mb/s downstream, 1000Mb/s upstream
  • Hardwired computer – Cat 6 Ethernet cable connected directly to the computer (no wireless issues)
  • Backup communication – 4G Verizon Wireless mobile network, WhatsApp for emergency communication
  • Pre-recording – professional recording booth available for prerecorded audio segments



  • Social media exposure – Happy to publicize prepared social media materials to my audience provided by the event organizers
  • Event prep calls – Understanding your audience, goals, equipment, schedules, and special requirements
  • Technical run-throughs – Available for technical checks on dates prior to the event to make sure that everything runs smoothly
  • Early arrival – Available 15-30 minutes prior to start time to coordinate on last-minute issues with the event organizers in the green room
  • Live Q&A – Comfortable with audience or host questions after the prepared presentation
  • Impactful visual slides – Powerful highly-visual slide decks designed to keep virtual audiences engaged


Put your mind at ease by hiring a true virtual event professional!

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